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About Boronia Library

8:52am 10 June 2015
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Boronia Library was opened July 14 1986 and, combined with the basketball stadium, has created a centre of recreation. The mural of Boronia inside the library illustrates Boronia's historical past. The Outer Eastern Literacy Program is based at the library.

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Mon-Wed 10am-8pm
Thu-Fri 10am-5:30pm
Sat 10am-1pm
Sun Closed

Address: Park Crescent, Boronia, 3155.
Melways Ref: 64 K10 (map below)
After hours book return chute

Ph: 9800 6488 or 1300737277
Fax: 9761 0804
Acting Manager - Pat Mason


1:38pm 27 October 2009

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Parking, access & facilities

9:03am 14 October 2009
Free parking outside the main entrance to the library. Two accessible parking spaces within 20 metres of the front door. Approach to main entrance: Easy access from carpark. Wheelchair and pram access from the carpark (automatic doors). Internal access: The library is on one level. Public toilets: Male/Female/Accessible, baby change. Facilities:
  • Fax service
  • Photocopier: Black&White, Colour
  • Internet: Four public access Internet PCs (includes one 10-minute PC)
  • Special collection: Literacy
  • Outer Eastern Literacy Program operates from the same building

Ongoing activities

4:07pm 14 February 2017