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5:20pm 8 November 2012

rowville library member


Do you have a favourite memory of your library? Perhaps you had a great experience more recently.

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Why our members love our libraries

11:22am 11 December 2014

I am a long time user of the library. I've always found it to be a community hub, and a great way to encourage livelong learning and reading. Long live our libraries.
--nat -- boronia library


I get all my books and videos from Knox mobile. The service is always great and Greg is such a friendly person. Highly recommend this service.
-- sylvia -- knox mobile


Thank you to all of the librarians at the Yarra Junction library who are always so helpful and friendly.  We appreciate all of their hard work they do in processing all of the holds and large quantity of books our large family requests and checks out.  We enjoy the activities they provide for the community as well. 
-- anne -- yarra junction library


The staff at Knox City Library are fabulous...just a really nice bunch of people always ready to help.  I visit once per week and wish i could attend some of the fantastic event, talks and presentations that are organised (alas work intervenes).  I hope you all know how much you, as staff, are valued and what a great community service libraries offer....long may they live!
-- karen -- knox library


Please keep up the great service guys! We in the Eastern region are indeed being serviced by the best professional public librarians. Thanks for the great and comprehensive wealth of materials being acquired and getting loaned out to us. Libraries indeed provide an invaluable service to the VIC population.
-- melissa


I like the croydon library,it is full of helpful staff,books of a huge range of interesting subjects and has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.
-- bert -- croydon library


"I'm an older person and when i first learned to use the computer to reserve items from the library, i was so excited when the notification came through that there were items to collect! off i went wondering what the titles could be and when i arrived at the library in yarra junction, the librarian, sandra, looked at me and said, some things have come in for you, liz. there they are and she pointed over to where the holds are shelved. on the top shelf was a veritable stack of dvds! there must have been 20 or 30 of them! talk about jaw dropping! but that's what i love about yarra junction library: great atmosphere, super sense of humour, never ending willingness to help, terrific knowledge and expertise. thank you to all the librarians!

footnote:  now i've learned to pace myself when placing a hold on an item.
-- liz -- yarra junction library


"well for starters i love your libary. i go there to borrow books and my favourite memory was when i .... (we are anxious to hear the rest of the story, so aime if you're out there please re-send)
-- aime -- ferntree gully library


"I can't imagine life without my wonderful Belgrave library where the the staff go out of their way to help.The friendly relaxed atmosphere and lovely building make it a township treasure."
-- kay -- belgrave library


"I remember when the Mt Evelyn Library first opened while I was in early high-school.  I had been a regular borrower at the mobile book library that would park in the supermarket carpark and loved the compact arrangement of the books.  But my first visit to the new library was awe-inspiring!  It was so light and had so much room to display the books, and there were so many more books to choose from!  I would spend an hour or so sitting on a chair by the window and reading.  After that I would peruse the booksale room and add to my home collection, many that I still have today."
-- sonia -- the station house - mt evelyn library


"My favourite library memories came from Boronia Library.

It was one of a spring afternoon which I remembered i was searching for comic books which was not in a complete range on shelves.

Therefore, i reach over to the library computer for a better search. To be honest, i wasnt quite familiar with the library computer searching system. I was standing there for quite with a blank mind. Then a library assistance came over to assist me for the search. It was clearly explained how to book those comic books, when those books will be deliver to our library and how to locate those books when they arrived. I was very happy at the end of the day."

-- hui yee -- boronia library


"Storytime is a fantastic event for younger children. Could not recommend it highly enough. Great Storytime teachers!"
-- jaime -- montrose library


"Just a quick note to say how much our family appreciates our local library. We are blessed to live in a country where so much variety is easily accessible through our libraries. Online services are great too!"
-- simon -- boronia library


"I have just returned to the Croydon Library after some 20 years absence; and was blown away by the friendly service, welcoming environment and new technology you have available for use. I am looking forward to spending many hours studying, reading and writing in this peaceful oasis. Thank you!"
-- vivienne -- croydon library


"I met my wonderful husband at the library. We both worked for the same library service but at different branches. My boss at the time told me about this chap and arranged for us to meet. We met, we talked, we dated, we married, and dare I say it 'We lived happily ever after' "
-- sue -- lilydale library


"Although i love the convenience and do acknowledge that libraries have to move with the times, some developments take away from my cosy memories... librarians (real people) behind the desk to process your loans (not everyone wants to do it themselves), the chance to chat whilst borrowing, the full complement of staff, the feeling of community.  I miss THAT library."
-- karen -- knox library

Thanks Karen. We appreciate that some members prefer to have staff process their loans. You'll find a staff member near the kiosks at Knox available to check out your items and chat.
- webgurl


"When I first arrived in Australia a neighbour (young girl) helped me enrol within a week of arriving. We went every week and between the library staff and her I learnt to speak, read and write English. I returned to school when I mastered the language.

I have been forever grateful"
-- catharine -- lilydale library


"I fondly remember our family trips after dinner to Ferntree Gully Library. It was located on the corner of Selman Avenue back then. My sister and I would be dressed in PJs, dressing gowns and slippers and I'd love searching for great stories and checking the slips in the books for all of the titles I'd previously read. We both work for Eastern Regional Libraries now."
-- webgurl -- ferntree gully library

3:49pm 18 November 2013