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Collection Development Policy

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9:13am 5 March 2015

The purpose of Eastern Regional Libraries’ Collection Development Policy is to guide staff and inform the public about the principles upon which selections are made. The judgement of staff will be exercised within the framework of this Policy, the stated goals and boundaries of which will assist them in choosing from the vast array of materials available.

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Collection aims

9:13am 5 March 2015

The aim of Eastern Regional Libraries (ERL) is to provide a high-quality, attractively presented, usefully organised informational and recreational collection in a range of media that is current, relevant and responsive to the needs of the whole community. This aim is drawn from the principles laid out in the UNESCO Public Library Manifesto (Attachment 1).

Responsibility for Managing Collection Development

9:14am 5 March 2015

The Corporation delegates responsibility for the management of the collection to the Corporate Manger Customer Services which also includes the Collection Development Manager and the Information Services Manager who is responsible for reference materials for all ages.

Final responsibility for the collection lies with the Chief Executive (CE). The CE will authorise other staff to apply this policy in building branch library collections.  Unusual problems will be referred to the CE who, in exceptional cases, will inform the Corporation.

The Collection

9:15am 5 March 2015

Access to the collection of ERL is provided free of charge according to the subsidy conditions laid down by the Victorian State Government.  It is also in accordance with the policies of the Australian Library and Information Association (Attachments 2 and 3).

The collection can be accessed at 13 branch libraries and 3 mobile libraries.
Each library holds its own core collection of reference and lending stock, including both fiction and non-fiction in a variety of formats, suitable for all age groups, and responsive to the particular needs of the locality.  The quantity of materials held in each branch library is variable and is dependent upon the size of the facility, the requirements of the community and budgetary considerations.

The collection is owned by the Corporation, on behalf of its Member Libraries, and is managed as a single regional collection. However, items can be transferred temporarily or permanently around the region, according to demand.